Other porphyria associations (international)

The following organisations have websites in English:

The American Porphyria Foundation has a very extensive website, including a section for medical staff: www.porphyriafoundation.com

The Australian Porphyria Association is at www.porphyria-australia.org

The following sites have web in their own language:

Swedish Porphyria Association: home.swipnet.se/rmp

Norway: Norsk Porfyriforening: www.porfyri.no

Porphyria Association Denmark: www.porfyriforeningen.dk

Italian Porphyria Association: www.amapo.it

Dutch EPP Foundation: www.epp.info

EPP Germany (who also cover other types of porphyria) www.epp-deutschland.de

Porphyria Association of Poland: www.porfiria.pl

France: Association Française des Malades Atteints de Porphyries: www.porphyries-patients.org

Spain: Asociación Española de Porfiria: www.porfiria.org