New market research into acute porphyria

Do you have an acute porphyria and 30 minutes to spare?  If so, please read on about a survey that you may be eligible to partake in… there is also a small amount of compensation for eligible respondents too!

M3 Global Research are working on a global study with patients with acute porphyria. They are hoping to get a deeper understanding of patients’ experiences living with acute porphyria as well as understand how well a hypothetical new treatment would meet their needs.  Ultimately, their goal is to better understand this experience to help a potential manufacturer of a medication help address the unmet needs these people and their families may experience.  The study can be taken on a laptop or desktop computer and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.


M3 Global are looking for respondents who:


  1. Are 18 years of age or older
  2. Have been diagnosed with acute porphyria (specific types include Acute Intermittent Porphyria, Variegate Porphyria, Hereditary Coproporphyria).
  1. Own and are comfortable using a laptop or a desktop computer
  2. Have internet access


Additional details on the study can be found below:


People participating in this study will be asked to follow a link that will take them to the online screener.  Upon qualifying, they will be automatically directed to the survey where they will be asked questions related to:

  • Current state of disease (path to diagnosis, number of attacks, etc.)
  • Medication/symptom management (how disease is managed, what types of treatments are taken, how effective are current treatments, etc.)
  • Reactions to a hypothetical product (perceived strengths, perceived weaknesses, relative applicability of different product attributes, etc.)
  • The link to the online screener/survey is as follows:

Please note that unless respondents provide consent to disclose their contact details for safety-related responses all patient identities will be kept confidential and all responses will be analysed at an aggregate level.

M3 Global Research thank you for your willingness to participate!